Optimising your research and development tax credits to help your business grow.

Vantage offers services specialising in helping you obtain research and development tax credits which you may be entitled to. This could be up to 33% of qualifying expenditure.

We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on collection of technical and financial data to support your claim and help you obtain the correct amount from the government R&D tax incentive scheme.


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"Vantage were thoroughly professional throughout the process.  When we were told us what the credit value would be, we were amazed and naturally delighted. The claim was submitted and processed without any query from HMRC."

Nigel Snook, Team Owner, FS-3 Racing

Why Choose Vantage?

100% Success Rate

We've never had a claim rejected by HMRC


The average cash value benefit we have secured for our clients

Industry Experience

We have delivered claims for a wide range of industries, from Motorsport to software development 

Less Work For You

Our process is tailored to suit your business with our goal being for you to do as little as work as possible

Vantage's service is based around your most scarce resource - Time. Yes, we need to spend some time with you to discuss the qualifying activity, but we do not expect you to write reports, fill in templates and take hours compiling the financial costs.


Our goal is to work with your engineering and financial teams whichever way suits you and be as flexible as possible in obtaining the information.

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