Our Service

At Vantage, we collect and analyse your accounts and cost information, as well as prepare technical documentation which is presented as a claim pack to HMRC. The process is as follows:

Stage 1: Information Gathering

A face-to-face meeting or a telephone conversation where we clearly explain the planning and data gathering process, define roles and responsibilities and agree time scales for delivering the claim to HMRC.

Business Meeting

Stage 2: On-site review meeting

The most important step in the process. It allows our industry expert to clearly explain the qualifying criteria, and work with you quickly to identify your products and services that meet HMRC’s criteria and what needs to be collected ahead of report generation.

Man working with Laptop

Stage 3: Generating the claim report

We use the information we have extracted with your help to draft a technical report that meets HMRC’s criteria. We will also agree the eligible costs that can be included in the report. No report is submitted to HMRC without prior agreement with you.


Stage 4: Submission to HMRC

With the technical and financial reports complete we will calculate the benefit of the claim to you and work with your accountants to submit the claim when they submit your CT600. HMRC normally process claims within 28 days.

Working with your accountants

At Vantage, we work with your accountants to make the claim process as seamless as possible. In offering our extensive R&D Tax Credits expertise to accountants, we allow even more businesses to create accurate and optimised claims each year.


Having worked with many accountants over previous years, we recognise that many are different. We understand the importance of a flexible relationship to ensure it is lasting and mutually beneficial. In partnering with your firm, our priority is helping your team to provide an enhanced service to your clients.