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Bournemouth Kawasaki R&D Success

Vantage were recommended to Bournemouth Kawasaki by another team within the paddock. Team owner Pete Extance says, "I didn't realise that development incentives were available at all, so I was intrigued by what Vantage could offer us."

We visited the workshop in Bournemouth to discuss the development of the Superbikes used in the BSB and Isle of Man TT championships. The qualifying activity was extensive and as Motorsport enthusiasts ourselves, the data gathering experience was a pleasure for both sides!

"Although we are works supported by Kawasaki, it is not a 'factory' bike as some would believe and we develop a new bike from scratch every year. It's an expensive process, but absolutely necessary if we want to be the best team in the Paddock. Being able to claim the cost of this activity has been a tremendous boost to our competitiveness, in part directly contributing to our fantastic success in the 2018 championship."

"Vantage's expertise, not only with the Research and Development scheme, but also with depth of technical knowledge they have, made the claim process very straightforward for us. We were naturally delighted when the money was credited to out account, to a value way beyond out expectations!"

Think you might qualify? Give us a call or contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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