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FS-3 Racing R&D Success

Team owner, Nigel Snook recalls "I had heard of the scheme, but had been advised previously that the teams activities would not qualify. However, after describing the activities to Vantage, even they were shocked at the amount of development activity we were undertaking!"

Speaking your language

Following this initial conversation, Vantage met with the team at it's facility in Coventry and had in depth discussions with the engineers regarding the development of the Kawasaki bike. Nigel continues "Vantage clearly explained how the activity completely qualified under the schemes guidelines and also what costs were eligible. Describing the development activity to the analyst was very straightforward, due to his engineering background and knowledge of Motorsport dynamics, which meant we didn't have to explain the basics to him. He already new what yokes, bump and rebound were! The report produced from that meeting was thoroughly professional "

Benefit beyond expectations

"We provided all the financial information Vantage required and when he told us what the credit value would be, we were were simply amazed and naturally delighted! The claim was submitted and processed without any query from HMRC. Just as Vantage said it would be!"

"The credit which we received allowed us to invest in further engine and suspension development, which resulted in our first ever podium and our best ever season in 2018. We highly recommend that if you think you might have qualifying activity, Vantage are the experts you need to talk to."

Think you might qualify? Give us a call or contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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