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MSS Performance R&D Success

Vantage were introduced to Nick Morgan of MSS Performance by one of his clients. MSS design and supply high performance components to motorcycle racing enthusiasts and teams around the world.

"I'd never heard of the scheme until my customer mentioned that they had received a tax refund for their development work and that I should get in touch with Vantage as soon as possible" recalls Nick.

"Vantage arranged to see me and my engineer and within two hours the analyst had collected all the technical information required to make a strong claim. What was most impressive was the depth of engineering knowledge Vantage had, which made is so easy to talk about yokes and throttle bodies, without the need to explain what they were! The report Vantage created was highly impressive and thoroughly professional."

To make the process easy for Nick, we worked directly with the book keeper and accountant to extract all the information necessary to work out the total qualifying expenditure. Six weeks later HMRC approved the claim without query and issued a full tax credit.

"I could not believe how easy Vantage made the process for us and to receive funding for something we never new existed was a real eye opener. I'm telling everyone I know, if you're doing development work, speak to Vantage right away!"

Think you might qualify? Give us a call or contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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